How our services works

Legendary Cars Online offers you a convenient and reliable way to order the car of your dreams in safety. We have carried out the careful research work of vehicles that meet strict quality standards. Our ambition is to mainly offer vehicles that have been restored or said to be “Matching Number”. This allows us to guarantee a very high level of quality to bring complete satisfaction to our customers.

Search our inventory for American vintage cars

Browse by year, make and model, or other criteria. The vehicles presented for sale by the American dealers which we have selected for you include classic vintage American cars from decades past and consist of a variety of styles such as "muscle car" coupe & convertible. Find the gem among any style of car you choose.

Place your order to reserve your car and choose your import options

Once you have found the car that perfectly matches your criteria, follow the instructions on our online store. During the ordering process, you will also be contacted by phone as soon as possible in order to guide you in the choice of import options, but also to inform you about all the administrative procedures related to the acquisition and import of vintage car from the USA.

Safe and secure payment method

Legendary Cars Online accepts payment through most major credit cards, PayPal, and wire transfers. You will receive a full quote / invoice detailing the total cost of your car, including a quote / invoice for all import charges. Please keep in mind that there will be costs upon receipt of the vehicle on its arrival at the port of destination: freight forwarder costs (650 €) as well as an advantageous VAT linked to vintage vehicles (example for France: 5.5% VAT for vintage vehicles), that you will pay directly to the local agent of the freight forwarder. As an online platform, the safety and security of your investment is one of the utmost importance to Legendary Cars Online, all transactions made are secure.

Rigorous inspection procedures by our certified experts

The remote purchase of vehicles requires special attention in order to ensure the quality of the vehicles chosen through our services and skills.

Legendary Cars Online works closely with reputable partners to ensure transparency about the condition and quality of the vehicle.

Once your vehicle has been reserved, we mandate an expertise within a very short time (24 / 48H in general)

An expert will come to the location of the vehicle to inspect the entire vehicle. He will check all the documents of the car as well as the information related to the seller to make sure that everything is correct.

In addition, during the inspection, the experts will perform rigorous checks on more than 155 control points covering the following aspects: • The entire general condition of the interior of the vehicle.
• The entire condition of the body, as well as the exterior elements.
• They will ensure the reliability of all mechanical aspects of the car
• Examine in detail the condition of the chassis and all the sensitive points specific to your car.
• They will carry out a filmed road test as well as a check that the engine is working properly. We will receive a full report identifying any anomalies observed during the inspection as well as a file of 50 to 100 photos and videos allowing us to assess the quality of the vehicle.

Your American classic car is on its way!

Thanks to our rigorous import standards, we ensure the well delivery of your car. Our company works in collaboration with trusted import partners with quality, efficiency and reliability services.

While your vehicle is being transported, our team carefully monitors the well running of the delivery and we keep you informed every step of the way.

This begins before your vehicle leaves for its trip. Upon receipt of payment of your invoice that we have sent you beforehand, we take care of paying the seller and also the transport companies that will take charge of your vehicle for its delivery in the following week. In a secure container, our team will send you all the tools such as "bill of lading & tracking number" in order to be able to follow the routing of your car until its arrives at its destination port and 1 week before its arrival our forwarder will contact you to offer 2 solutions:
- Or to come and collect the car yourself with a truck or flatbed trailer.
- Or to choose to have it delivered to your home.

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